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Turbo Toaster

69.99 €
AT 2513
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PERFECTLY BROWNED TOAST – UP TO 50%* FASTER. The AT 2513 is ideal for anyone who cannot wait. Thanks to the Turbo Toast function, the toasted bread is crispy and perfectly browned within a few seconds, up to 50% faster than conventional toasters. The toaster in high-quality 100% stainless steel does not only impress with its benefits visible from the outside but with its qualities on the inside too. Evenly browned XXL slices for sandwiches are no problem for this toaster thanks to the XXL toasting chambers and balanced toasting. Light, medium or dark brown? Everyone likes their toast done a little differently and the 7 variably adjustable toasting levels can get it right for them all. Bread or buns from the previous day are transformed with the warming function, the defrost button carefully defrosts frozen bread and the release button lets you determine the ideal time to stop toasting. The toaster offers something for quick toast in the morning but also for relaxed family breakfasts at the weekend: the high-quality and removable stainless steel bun rack lets you prepare buns and croissants and serve them immediately. The Turbo Toaster is the solution for quick, perfectly browned and individually adjustable toast exactly as you like it.

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69.99 €
AT 2513 / Art.-Nr. 2513000
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AT 2509 / Art.-Nr. 2509000
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AT 2217 / Art.-Nr. 2217000
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