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Spuma 700 Plus Induction Milk Frother

139.99 €
SM 3587
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What’ll it be today? From microfoam for classic cappuccino to comforting hot cocoa or even savoury mulled wine – the Spuma 700 Plus induction milk frother from SEVERIN offers you versatile drink options for indulgent feel-good moments. Thanks to 13 integrated programmes for hot and cold frothed milk, hot cocoa made from whole pieces of chocolate, mulled wine, protein shakes, baby food or even vegan milk foam made from plant-based milks, Spuma is not just ideal for coffee lovers, but also for athletes, vegans, families and so many more. The 500 W milk frother even allows you to individually set your preferred temperature from 45-65°C. Thanks to induction technology, nothing scorches, and clean-up is easy to do by hand.T

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139.99 €
SM 3587 / Art.-Nr. 3587000
https://severin.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/severin-milchaufschaeumer-sm-3587-induktions-milchaufschaeumer-spuma-700-plus.png Zum Produkt
119.99 €
SM 3586 / Art.-Nr. 3586000
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