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Coffee maker TypeSwitch

79.99 €
KA 4845
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For many of us, coffee is a requirement to getting out of bed. We are happy to have it a little stronger in the early morning so that we can start the day fit. If you prefer your coffee a little smoother in the afternoon with a piece of cake, then the TypeSwitch coffee maker is the perfect choice. With the practical Aroma Switch, you can make coffee just the way you like it. The stainless steel thermal carafe with a drip-through lid keeps the coffee hot for a particularly long time, so you can take your time at the coffee table with your guests. The effective heating element with up to 1,000 watts enables fast and quiet coffee brewing. This way, you won’t even wake up the late risers in the house until the aroma of fresh coffee lures them out of their beds, too.

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79.99 €
KA 4845 / Art.-Nr. 4845000
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219.00 €
KA 4814 / Art.-Nr. 4814000
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KA 4813 / Art.-Nr. 4813000
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