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table grill with grill plate

79.99 €
PG 8567
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Simple, electric – eBBQ: enjoy grilling indoors and outdoors with the PG 8567 table grill No matter whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – with this eBBQ table grill you can enjoy succulent grilled food on your table all year round! Thanks to the full-length heating coil, the table grill has an even heat distribution and ensures low smoke and odour development when the grill tray is filled with water, ideal for use directly at the table or outside. For indoor and outdoor use Barbecue fun for indoors and outdoors – Use the versatile table barbecue for preparing delicious barbecued food in the best possible way. In addition to the ribbed grill plate, the fast heat-up and the high temperatures score points for this practical table grill. Thermostat-controlled heating element To prepare juicy grilled food, it is important to be able to set the ideal temperature. The thermostat-controlled heating element and temperature regulator as well as the full-length heating coil make this easy. Easy assembly This barbecue impresses with its quick and easy assembly or disassembly and is thus not only quickly ready for use, but also easy to clean.

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79.99 €
PG 8567 / Art.-Nr. 8567000
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