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Raclette with natural hot cooking stone

79.99 €
RG 2374
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Bored of repeating the same dishes every day? Put together creative combinations of your favourite ingredients with the raclette grill. The infinitely variable thermostat ensures fast heating and optimal temperature. Natural hot cooking stone for fat-free and gentle grilling – the natural hot cooking stone provides a fat-free and particularly gentle grilling experience. It is heated by the heating coil underneath and stores the heat particularly well and for a long time, which means that the food is cooked gently and thus remains juicy and tender. The practical fat collection groove catches the fat of the grilled food and prevents the fat from overflowing and dripping down.

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79.99 €
RG 2374 / Art.-Nr. 2374000
https://severin.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/severin-raclette-und-fondue-rg-2374-raclette-mit-naturgrillstein.png Zum Produkt
799.99 €
PG 8140 / Art.-Nr. 8140000
https://severin.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/severin-standgrill-pg-8139-sevo-smart-control-gts-9.png Zum Produkt
629.00 €
PG 8137 / Art.-Nr. 8137000
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