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  • Is it possible to chop nuts with the KM 3865? Or does it spin the nuts against the container?

    The KM 3865 multi-shredder is well suited for chopping nuts. It is important to fill enough nuts and, if necessary, use both blades.

  • What does the automatic switch-off mean from EK 3051? Is it supposed to go by time or as soon as the eggs are done?

    With the egg boiler EK 3051, the cooking time and thus the hardness of the eggs is determined by the amount of water filled in. The exact amount is determined by the measuring cup provided. When the water has boiled completely, a signal sound is heard and the heating is automatically switched off.

  • How long is the power cable of EM 3965?

    The power cable of the EM 3965 is round about 175 cm long.

  • What are the measures of the pot in cm (bottom and top) for 2405?

    The bottom diameter of the pot is round about 15,8 cm, the top one is round about 19,5 cm. The pot has a height of 9 cm. The handles are round about 6 cm wide.

  • Can we put the fondue pot on an induction hob ?

    Since stainless steel is not magnetic, the fondue pot cannot be used on an induction hotplate. Stainless steel pots that are suitable for induction have either a special alloy or a sandwich bottom. The sandwich bottom usually has a copper layer incorporated into it that can be magnetized. Additionally to that, in the safety instructions in the manual, we point out to use the pots only with the base unit. The temperature control is limited to the maximum permissible temperatures for fondue.

  • Can the EA 3654 + 3655 be used with milk inside to make yogurt or cheese with a specific temperature settings?

    We do not have any experiences in using the EA 3655 for yogurt or cheese making but believe that the result will not be as expected.

  • Is the instruction manual available in English or Dutch?

    On the product page at AMAZON you will find a link to the Bedienungsanleitung (PDF) under the heading “Weitere technische Informationen”. The english as well as the dutch version is included.

  • Does the operation button has to be pushed all time to switch on the device for SM 3736?

    Yes, you have to push the operation button to switch on the SM 3736. As soon as you release the button the device will automatically switch off.

  • What kind of material is the kitchen scale KW 3670 made of?

    The plastic housing and tray are made of ABS. ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers) is a heat-moldable plastic used mainly by the automotive and electrical industries. ABS has good structural properties, is very heat resistant and resistant to oils and greases. If separated cleanly, ABS can be recycled again without any problems.

  • Can I also process vacuum tubes with the device? process?

    Yes, this is possible without further ado. Weld the tube at the open end, cut with scissors – as straight as possible – the required length and then process this exactly like a bag.

  • The bags do not fall apart. That is to say that we create a vacuum, the time that we remove the device to put the small plug, the vacuum has already escaped.

    To create a vacuum in the bags, it is necessary that the zip is properly closed. The closing plug consists of an outer ring and a small inner plug connected by a tab. To extract air, the vacuum stick must be placed on the outer ring. When the signal light is red, the stick can be removed. Now the closing plug can be closed with the small stopper.

  • The blades and the entire machine (AS 3915) has a “lubricant” on it. How do I clean everything before the first usage?

    For cleaning, we recommend the use of a damp cloth and the use of a common household cleaner. When cleaning the knife, please take care since it is very sharp.

  • Can it dry eggs with the OD 2940?

    The OD 2940 fruit dryer is intended for drying fruit and vegetables for preservation. We have no experience of its use for drying eggs.