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  • Can you use the toaster oven 2071 both with and without the convection fan? In the settings manual it says that you can use over- and underwarmer without the convection fan, but on Amazon the customers say that it is on whether or not you have it on the convection setting.

    The toaster oven can also operate with top heat only or with top and bottom heat. Then the hot air function does not run. What you hear is an additional fan. This is located behind the control panel and only serves to cool the electronic components. No fan runs in the cooking chamber when the top and bottom heat functions are in operation.

  • Is it possible to set it to 40-50 degrees for TO 2058? Can it run forever (without timer)?

    It is not possible to use the TO 2058 without timer due to safety reasons. The lowest temperature is 60 ¬įC.