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  • What are the external measurements (height, in particular) of the TO 2071? The website says 38 cm of height but it doesn‚Äôt seem right.

    The correct measurements are length 46 cm, depth 39 cm, height 30 cm. We will correct the information as soon as possible.

  • Does it get hot on the outside of the toaster AT 2509 after toasting bread?

    The AT 2509s accessible housing surfaces may become very hot during operation.

  • How long are the toasting slots of AT 2514? How thick can the bread be?

    The slots of the AT 2514 are 12,7 cm long. The maximum thickness for the used bread slices is 1,5 cm.

  • The heating wires glow uneven. Is this a fault?

    No, this is no fault. The glow color of the heating wires is influenced by several circumstances. The distance of the wire to the carrier plate as well as the distance between the wires are important. The heating wires emit enough heat radiation to toast the toast even in the areas that do not glow as brightly.