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Yoghurt Maker

  • Did the temperature setting change comparing to the older yoghurt makers? My yoghurt gets quite dry and crumbly.

    The temperature settings did not change. We recommend to shorten the time setting.

  • Can someone tell me the measures of the JG 3521?

    The measures of the JG 3521 are (WxDxH) round about 23,8 x 25,4 x 12,6 cm.

  • Do you have to put the cups as well as the device into the fridge for the JG 3516?

    The JG 3516 has an heating element which produces the temperatur needed for making yoghurt. After finishing the procedure only the cups filled with yoghurt have to be stored in the fridge.

  • Are the extra glasses available?

    You can purchase the replacement glasses here on AMAZON under the item number EG 3517, EG3519 or EG 3526 in different colors.

  • Why is the yoghurt slimy?

    The firmness of the homemade yoghurt is not the same as that of a pre-made product. The yoghurt should at first be cooled down in the refrigerator after the preparation time in the yoghurt maker. Then it will have a similar firmness as a purchased yoghurt, only when stirring it becomes a little looser. Important in the preparation is, firstly, the cleanness of the materials used and the preparation of the milk used. The milk must either be UHT milk or fresh milk must be heated to 90° C once beforehand. Then the prepared yoghurt should also have a firm consistency.

  • As it looks like a mechanical timer, does it makes noises like “tic-tac-tic-tac” ? Or is it always quiet for the JG 3525?

    After the programmed processing time has elapsed, the heating element switches off automatically and the indicator light flashes slowly. The device cannot make any noise.

  • Are the jars of EG 3529 leak-proof? I’d like to take the yoghurt to work.

    No, the EG 3529 jars are not leak-proof. The yoghurt jars of the new JG (3518, 3520, 3521) are compatible with the older models and have a lid with a seal and thus are leak-proof.

  • What are the sizes of the jars of EG 3529? 100 ml or 250 ml?

    The maximum volume is 212 ml. Up to the lower edge of the neck area, the volume is approx. 175 ml.